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Shustoke Barns

A stunning red brick wedding barn in rural Warwickshire

A collection of warm red brick, 18th century barn buildings, Shustoke Barn is an elegant wedding barn set in the heart of Warwickshire.

The barn, with its dramatic, timber-framed vaulted ceilings and spectacular lighting, is full of atmosphere and perfect for a relaxed, rustic wedding with a touch of theatre. The buildings surround a beautiful courtyard, with ancient olive trees

Bride & Groom photographed with VW camper van outside Shustoke Barn.
Bride being escorted to groom at wedding Shustoke Barn.
Signing at  the wedding at Shustoke Barn.
Bride & Bridesmaid at the amazing Shustoke Barn wedding venue.
Bride & Groom photographed the courtyard at Shustoke Barns.
Wedding Shoes for Bride & Bridesmaids.
Bride & Groom photographed at Shustoke Barns.
Bride & Groom on their wedding day inside at Shustoke Barns.
Their wedding day inside stunning Shustoke Barns.
Bride & Groom with all their wedding guests photographed outside stunning Shustoke Barns.
Photographed at Shustoke Barns Wedding Sunset.
Bride & Groom photographed with London bus outside stunning Shustoke Barn.
Shustoke Barn Bride & Groom kissing between wedding Breakfast.
Bride & Groom photographed outside doorway at stunning Shustoke Barn.
Bride photographed outside doorway at stunning Shustoke Barn.
Bride photographed in window at Shustoke Barn.
Nightime photography at Shustoke Barn.
Wedding at Shustoke Barns in Coleshill Nr Birmingham.
Bride photographed with wedding guests at Shustoke Barn.
Special moment for the bride & groom on their wedding day ay Shustoke Barns.